The Materials Pole

GeePs Capteurs, Matériaux Fonctionnels (CMF) Controles Electromagnetiques des Materiaux et des Structures (CEMES) Electronique de Puissance (EnPu) PhotoVoltaïque (PV) NanoMatériaux, NanoDispositifs et NanoCaractérisation (NanoMDC) Actionnement (ACT) Contacts Electriques et Dispositifs de Connexion (CEDC) Pôle MATERIAUX

Materials pole - Physics and Components

Every component (and a fortiori every system) is based on the use of materials.

In the "Materials pole", we are interested in new materials for applications in the field of electronics and energy, for greater efficiency, lower cost, or to avoid toxicity problems, or to achieve greater stability and durability.

We study the fundamental aspects of materials, their electrical properties, but also other physical or physico-chemical, mechanical, magnetic, ferroelectric, piezoelectric and multi-physical coupling properties. These studies extend to the functioning and properties of components made from these materials, which can be integrated into systems. We develop original characterisation platforms and techniques, as well as adapted numerical modelling, which are grouped together in our two centres of expertise.

Our main application areas are photovoltaics, nanoelectronics, electrical contacts and connection devices, power electronics, and actuation, and therefore cover PV, NanoMDC, CE, EnPu, and CMF.


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