Power Electronics

"L'ÉlectroNique de PUissance" (ENPU) is a fundamental theme in GeePs because of its central position in power electronic. Indeed, every electrical system need to be supplied. A efficient power management is therefore required for embedded circuit such as battery supplier or for converter systems in order to limit the consumption. This thematic was historically studied in Supélec and LGEP with various but numerous patent by the past. We could think that a lot was already discovered but new technology modify the current landscape for efficiency improvement. Scientific progress is necessary to limit the electrical losses and deep innovation emerge to radically impact the future world.  The ENPU theme is focused on new converter topology thanks to the development of passive components, and open its area of research to wide band gap semiconductors development and analysis.
Several thesis are thus initiated around the following axis:

  • Axe 1: Integration of the electronical power into the system
    o GaN and SiC transistors integration for batteries suppliers and automobile, aeronautics and industrials application
    o New converter topology for efficiency improvement and power efficiency improvements
    o New passive devices and methods for magnetics analyses
  • Axe 2 : New architecture of multicellular converter
  • Axe 3 : Wide band gap reliability analyses


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