Measurement platforms and Expertise

Measurement platforms

  • Wooden platform for non-contact energy transfer and Electronic Compatibility study
  • 10kW (1200V-8A) stabilised power supply platform and several other smaller power platforms
  • Thermal measurement platform for switching losses in transistors
  • Dual pulse platform (in progress): characterisation of large gap semiconductors with power supply (40V-8A)
  • Magnetic material characterisation bench
  • MMC test platform, real time simulator Cryostat for semiconductor characterisation
  • Characterisation platform (AFM resiscope, microRaman, DLTS, I-V and C-V measurements, photoluminescence, Sentaurus TCAD simulation, etc.).
  • PCB production platform, with double-sided circuit, magnetic and conductive circuits,
  • Electrical measurement platform: Sourcemeters but also voltmeters, ammeters, LCR meters, multimeters, ... etc.


Studies of electronic circuits for the conversion of electrical energy, studies of power semiconductors and their control and regulation, studies of magnetic components with simulation and measurement tools, reliability analysis of semiconductors.

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